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thenamelessauthor said: whispersbritintovohmygod <.<

HAHAHAHAA seriously just wait until I play ToV oh gooood I already know a bit about Yuri’s personality and he’ll just be buckets of fun I’m sure he and OC Brit could have some entertaining interactions

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also ALSO I might be able to play Tales of Vesperia soon just because my roommate has an Xbox, if I get ahold of the game at some point this year I’ll be set awwyeah

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the restaurant/inn I work for is gonna teach me how to bartend 8D I’m scared because learning alcohols is really hard but also really excited I’VE WANTED TO BARTEND FOR A LONG TIME AND FINALLY SOMEONE IS GONNA TEACH ME

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Anonymous said: So... Have you ever seen Attack on Titan?

nnnnope.  It’s been on my Netflix list for a while but I still haven’t gotten around to watching it. D:

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Anonymous said: The Doctor Who snippets melted me into a goo puddle~ <3

I do my best B-)

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Chris Evans laughing + left boob

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Yooooo you should all do me a huuuuge solid and vote for my buddy Chikuto’s really fricking cool comic Clockwork here!!! IT’S SUPER CLOSE TO MAKING THE TOP 100 WHICH IS A BIG DEAL

You should also totally go read it it’s a triple threat with super quality art, characters and story and I wouldn’t beg for votes unless it was totally worthy of them :D

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